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Dr Marko Lukic, FEBO, FARS, Consultant Ophthalmologist specialising in retina and uveitis, has been an active Harmony user for several years. In this interview, Dr Lukic shares his experience of Harmony and discusses how the data management platform has helped him save time and increase clinical efficiency in his practice.

“I have established a business entity specialising in teleophthalmology. It has been a long process where one of the biggest challenges was finding a reliable, safe and user-friendly software solution that I could rely on to support my business. I was fortunate to learn about Topcon Harmony at EURETINA 2018 in Vienna. Topcon Harmony made the implementation of my business idea easy and seamless with the offer of the exact features I had been looking for in a communication and data management platform; user-friendly, vendor neutral*, well-trusted, certified and safe.

Almost four years later, I may say that I am an advanced user who enjoys the platform’s benefits. I found Topcon Harmony helpful not only as a straightforward referral system, but also for the simplicity it offered in managing multimodal images I received from my clients. I specifically enjoy reviewing DICOM OCT files because it makes me feel like I am in front of the imaging machine. In my opinion, implementing the platform within clinical services may speed up the consultation time and increase the accuracy in making decisions by using different features when comparing and analysing the saved images."

Dr Marko Lukic

“I specifically enjoy reviewing DICOM OCT files because it makes me feel like I’m in front of the imaging machine."

Dr Marko Lukic
FEBO FASRS, Consultant Ophthalmologist specialising in retina & uveitis 

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