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Instrument Stand


The IS-1D is a unit with a rotatable table top for three instruments, which comes as standard with two electro- brakes controlled by a footswitch. Similar to IS-1 the table top can be elevated.


Key features

  • Unit for three instruments
  • Unique touchscreen control panel
  • Integrated electro brake & curtain control

The Topcon IS-1D is available in right and left version as well as a wheelchair accessible version. You can choose a single trial lens drawer or a three drawers version which can optionally accommodate the power supply of the Topcon CV-5000PRO system. 

The IS-1D is controlled by a touchscreen control panel for all functionalities as well as the movement of the chair. The standard curtain control, room up-light, and instrument auto on/off switching make the IS-1D a versatile ophthalmic unit for your eye care practice. The dedicated PC-desk will complete the set-up for all your needs.

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