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Auto Kerato-Refractometer


The KR-800A Auto Kerato-Refractometer is compact and easy to use.


Key features

  • 3D Auto Alignment function allows quicker & easier measurement
  • 8.5 inch touchscreen control panel
  • Easy set-up with a LAN network

Topcon has developed the semi automated kerato-refractometer KR-800A with 3D auto alignment function. KR-800A offers enhanced efficiency and easier operation to improve day to day examination of the workflow in a practice.

3D auto alignment function maintains proper alignment with the patient
3D auto alignment feature maintains XYZ alignment even during small eye movements, providing consistent and repeatable measurements.* The operator follows the alignment guidance on the monitor for initial alignment, following by the start of automatic alignment and measurement. 3D auto alignment function supports easy operation.

*Manual alignment may be required for patients with poor fixation.

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