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Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera


The TRC-NW400 is an automated and robotic fundus camera that performs true color photography. By incorporating the 360 degree rotating touch panel monitor, the operator is able to to acquire the image rapidly and easily by a simple finger touch.


Key features

  • True color fundus image
  • Robotic – Fully automated focus and capture of high-resolution true color fundus photos
  • Small pupil photography – Acquires images with pupils as small as 3.3mm

High Quality Image Meets Ease of Use

Fully Automatic Mode
In full auto mode, Alignment, Focusing, Shooting and movement between the right eye and left eye are operated automatically. The operator can use with minimum training. The operator simply touches the screen to select a mode, touches the center of the pupil and presses “Capture START”. The TRC-NW400 provides consistent results regardless of operator experience.

Manual Operation Mode
In manual mode, the operator can drive the camera using the touch screen as if via the Control lever. This is particularly useful in cases when an operator would like to shoot a specific area of the fundus. In manual mode, all movements of the camera are adjusted by finger touch. Illumination level, flash intensity, diopter adjustment and fixation targets can also be manually regulated.

Space Saving
The TRC-NW400 incorporates a rotating touch panel monitor that allows the operation of the instrument from virtually any angle. This feature lets the operator be in front, behind or at either side of the patient,
optimizing space saving. The TRC-NW400 can comfortably be operated when located against a wall or in a corner.

Low Flash
For patient comfort and compliance, a low 4.0Ws flash intensity is normally utilized, producing excellent images with low flash and reducing patient’s discomfort.

Small Pupil Photography & Zoom Function
The TRC-NW400 enables the user to acquire retinal images with pupils Φ3.3mm or more, assisting functions as small pupil aperture, digital zooming function and overlayed mask. When the “small pupil mode” is selected, the camera will automatically adjust for small pupils*.
*Details depend on setting

Fully automated true color retinal camera


Stereo Photography*
In Stereo photography mode, the alignment for a stereo pair is performed automatically. Following the
prompts on screen a stereo pair for stereo viewing can be quickly and easily acquired.
* Stereo viewer software is not incorporated
Internal Fixation Target Operation
The Traditional 3 fixation targets (Disc, Center and Macula) as well as the 9 fixation target for peripheral photography are incorporated. 

peripheral fundus photgraphy

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