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Instrument Stands for Practices

Stands & Chairs

  • IS-100


    The IS-100 Instrument Stand combines comfort, functionality and design in a compact unit. .

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  • IS-600III


    The Topcon IS-600III, instrument stand, has been developed as a refraction unit without compromise. The IS-600III is a comfortable and stable workstat...

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  • IS-1


    IS-1 is is an ergonomic working station with full integration of Topcon instruments

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  • IS-1D


    The IS-1D is a unit with a rotatable table top for three instruments, which comes as standard with two electro- brakes controlled by a footswitch. Sim...

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  • IS-1P


    The IS-1P is a parallel unit which is mainly designed for ophthalmic clinics and is supplied with a powered linear sliding table top to accommodate tw...

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  • FS-1


    The FS-1 floor stand consists of a versatile column and a stable baseplate, providing an economical solution suitable for the examination room as an a...

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