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Your Clinical Workflow Reimagined.


Harmony is a web-based data management platform connecting ophthalmic instruments, eye care professionals, and innovative technologies to help drive efficiency and accuracy in clinical workflows.


Key features

  • Vendor Neutral Connectivity
  • Workflow Management
  • Multimodal Viewer
  • E-Referral Portal
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • AI Marketplace
  • Data Security

Harmony is a vendor-neutral data management platform that connects with all types of ophthalmic instruments regardless of their brand. It gives you instant access to all examination data in a single screen, enabling you to effortlessly compare and analyse patient data, eliminating the need for instrument-specific review software to help save you time. Get instant access to relevant patient data through pre-set customisable hanging protocols. Enjoy a quick overview of your patient's examination history via a timeline with discrete examination data, and review progression charts to support your clinical decision-making. Web-based access allows you to conveniently access all patient examination data from anywhere at any time.

Integration from your EMR through Harmony to your examination devices delivers automation and efficiency to your workflow by eliminating the need to enter patient information at each examination device, thus minimising transcription errors, improving the quality of data flow, and saving valuable time.

The platform supports seamless and secure collaboration between eye care professionals by facilitating instant communication and access to data across sites and organisations, helping to improve your workflow efficiency and patients’ access to care. Harmony integrates with a variety of AI-enabled clinical decision support solutions to deliver you access to automatic image analysis of your choice straight from the viewer.

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Features at a glance

Harmony features

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