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Optical Biometry & Topography System


The Aladdin is an easy-to-use, combination optical biometer and full corneal topographer.


Key features

  • Keratometry / Topography
  • Keratoconus screening
  • Pupillometry
  • Aberrometry analysis (Zernike)
  • Axial length
  • Anterior biometry
  • White to white

9-in-1 features include optical coherence biometry, Placido topography, wavefront analysis of the cornea, IOL calculation suite, pupillometry, DICOM connectivity and the NEW RX/AL Trends Module. Posterior & Anterior interferometry Biometry results are complemented with anterior topography, Zernike analysis and pupillometry in one fast, accurate and easy acquisition.

axial length

The Interferometer of Aladdin also provides anterior measurements such as the Central Corneal Thickness (CCT), Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD) and Lens Thickness. You get the complete picture for all cataract surgeries. Whether you are performing standard cataract surgery or premium IOL implantation, you will be screening for corneal aberrations, Keratoconus* and previous corneal refractive surgery procedures all at once. The Aladdin only requires just one Acquisition.


Posterior & Anterior interferometry

Biometry results are complemented with anterior topography, Zernike analysis and pupillometry in one fast, accurate and easy acquisition. The Interferometer of Aladdin also provides anterior measurements such as the Central Corneal Thickness (CCT), Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD) and Lens Thickness. You get the complete picture for all cataract surgeries. Whether you are performing standard cataract surgery or premium IOL implantation, you will be screening for corneal aberrations, Keratoconus* and previous corneal refractive surgery procedures all at once. The Aladdin only requires just one Acquisition.
* Not available in the US.

RX/AL Trends Module

Experience the Aladdin RX/AL Trends Module:
The precise tool to monitor longitudinal changes in the eye.

By combining manually entered refractive information with biometric data obtained by low-coherence interferometry, the Aladdin provides a quantitative report of the progression of changes in the eye’s refractive power.
After the refraction values are entered, the Aladdin performs 7 critical measurements and provides a numerical analysis of the trends of the eye parameters related to changes in the axial length, corneal curvature,
anterior corneal wave front analysis and other dimensional variations. Changes can be followed in periods of 3, 6 and 12 months providing a trend that can be used to track the progression of certain eye conditions.

Onboard Barrett IOL Calculation Suite

Dr. Graham D. Barrett developed the Barrett formula in 2013 and takes into account the posterior cornea considering the lens position for each individual patient instead of calculating IOL power by estimating lens
thickness based on patient’s age. 

The Barrett formula uses the Universal II, which is a method of predicting IOL power to work out where the lens is and utilizes that information to calculate the effect of the cylinder power
at the cornea. The Universal II formula was also developed by Dr. Barrett. Dr. Barrett’s formula considers the thickness and shape of the lens as well, which provides a more sophisticated way of predicting and translating the
cylinder power. The formula is able to predict posterior corneal curvature without actually measuring it.

IOL calculation

Onboard Olsen Formula

The Aladdin HW3.0 provides precise measurements of the internal structures of the eye including Central Corneal Thickness and Crystalline Lens Thickness. Those measurements used in combination with the
on‑board Olsen IOL calculation formula provides accurate IOL power calculations in virtually all types of eyes regardless of size. The Olsen formula utilizes a newly developed concept by Dr. Olsen called the C-constant
which predicts the Effective Lens Position (ELP) when performing in-the-bag IOL implants. This model also predicts the lens position of anterior chamber IOLs. The C-constant approach performs independently of other conventional measurements such as axial length, keratometry, white-to-white length, IOL power, etc. It will provide accurate IOL calculations in any type of eye.

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