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Extended Warranty

An extended warranty for your Topcon instrumentation offers you cover for materials or manufacturing defects beyond the original warranty period.

By choosing the official Topcon Extended Warranty, we guarantee any repairs are done by Topcon-approved and trained technicians - using Topcon parts.

Comprehensive & PPM Cover

The Comprehensive Support Cover is to provide the Customer with a support service, fully inclusive of an annual service, all labour, travel and spare parts, for your Topcon equipment. 

Cover includes:-

  • An annual service visit to calibrate, update software, clean and inspect electrical safety and equipment functionality to ensure the integrity of the instrument
  • Unlimited repair visits during support hours (09.00 – 17.00, Mon - Fri)
  • All necessary parts and accessories required to keep the equipment operating
  • All labour and travel costs incurred in having an appropriately qualified and authorised Topcon engineer rectify a Defect within the United Kingdom
  • Unlimited remote support sessions to provide remote diagnostics and rectify problems
  • Free of charge loan instrument (subject to availability)

Remote Support

The Remote Support and Remote Software Support from Topcon provide the Customer with a speedy remote diagnostics and resolution to equipment or software issues by connecting to their PC or server via a remote connection.

Cover includes:-

  • Remote connection to your PC
  • Remote fix on the spot
  • 2-hour response time
  • Unlimited support sessions to provide remote diagnostics and rectifications

Note: The Customer must at all times maintain an adequate connection to enable Topcon or its agents to deliver the Support Service.

Planned Preventative Maintenance Cover (PPM)

The Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) cover provides the Customer with an annual visit to clean, service, calibrate, and check electrical safety and functionality of Topcon equipment, to ensure the integrity of the instrument has not been jeopardized in any way. (Plus any software updates deemed necessary)

Cover includes:-

  • Calibration check (if applicable), using calibration tooling, applicable to the instruments
  • Functional check of Equipment
  • Internal and external optical clean of the instruments
  • Moving parts and mechanisms lubricated
  • General external clean of instruments
  • General inspection of instruments, with feedback provided to the Customer via an engineer’s service report.