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Topcon Healthcare

Eye Health Education Begins Here

Topcon Healthcare University is a living, growing platform to meet the education needs of those involved in eye health. Our educational offering is continuously developing with new and relevant resources added each month.​

THU offers a wide range of content: from tips to ensure you get the most from your Topcon products, through to premium peer-to-peer learning. THU has the information you and your staff need to take full advantage of your Topcon Healthcare investment.​

The Clinical Affairs Team is also here to support you with one-to-one training and advice, of the highest professional standards. Read More..........

Topcon University

Register for Topcon Healthcare University today, and you’ll receive FREE access to our entire library of clinical education, product training and more.

Clinical Education

  • Introduction to OCT
  • Optic Nerve Swelling
  • Binocular Refraction: How to increase patient throughput with Chronos
  • Understanding IMAGEnet 6 Reports
  • And more!

Product Training

  • CV-5000PRO automated refraction
  • Maestro2 OCT & true color fundus camera
  • IMAGEnet 6 image review software
  • And more!

And more!

  • Myopia Management – putting theory Into practice
  • Optimising Image Quality: the clinical advantages of PixelSmart
  • Future of Medicine – ocular telehealth and mobile Screening
  • And more!