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Optometry Today Publishes Myopia Guide Sponsored by Topcon Healthcare

Published on

We have exciting news for eye care professionals and individuals concerned about myopia management. Optometry Today (OT) has released a comprehensive supplement titled "Myopia guide: The big short - A practical guide to incorporating myopia management into practice."
This groundbreaking publication has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of Topcon Healthcare and CooperVision. 
About this supplement
Topcon's support has contributed to the development of seven insightful articles, each focusing on relevant subjects related to the effective integration of myopia management into clinical practice.
These articles are a valuable resource for optometrists seeking to enhance their knowledge and provide optimal care in myopia management.

Let's take a sneak peek at some of the compelling articles featured in this supplement: 
“The myopia management journey” - Cameron Optometry purchased the MYAH to support their myopia management service. Learn how this practice incorporated myopia management from the staff training to implementing this service into their offering. 

"Myopia management and me" - Explore the inspiring journey of Amyra, a ten-year-old who has experienced remarkable improvements in her confidence and vision through myopia management. OT speaks with Amyra's mother, Vitika Lahoti, who shares their family's experience. 
"Making the most of chair time" - Learn expert strategies to maximise time spent in the consulting room regarding myopia management. Discover how to utilise printed resources and make myopia management collaborative within your practice. 
"Combatting complaints" - Richard Edwards from the Optical Consumer Complaints Service provides valuable insights on avoiding conflicts within your practice while offering myopia management services. 
"Breaking down barriers" - Gain valuable perspectives on overcoming potential obstacles to the successful implementation of myopia management from Neil Harvey, a CooperVision professional affairs consultant and optometrist Indie Grewal.  
These are just a few examples of the engaging articles you'll find in the complete Myopia guide.

You can access the complete guide online at
We encourage you to dive into this practical resource to expand your understanding and stay updated with the latest advancements in myopia management.