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Digital Camera


The DC-4 is a digital camera for capturing still images or videos, with a digital slit lamp for detailed analysis and diagnosis


Key features

  • Infra-red cut filter to capture meibomian glands
  • 5 megapixel CMOS chipset
  • Easy capture with slit lamp joystick button
  • Auto exposure function
  • Easy capture with slit lamp joystick button
  • IMAGEnet i-base software included

The DC-4 Digital Camera can be easily mounted on any of the “D” series of Topcon Slit Lamps converting them into an ophthalmic imaging instrument. The Topcon DC-4 captures color and monochrome images
of the eye. The DC-4 has a five megapixel CMOS chipset for a crisp capture similar to the binocular observation quality. The DC-4 is very user friendly, images and videos are made by pushing the joystick of the slit lamp. Incorporated is an infrared cut filter for sensitivity of infrared illumination of BG-5, capturing and making meibomian glands clearly visible.

Slit lamp images

When used in combination with the DC-4 Digital Attachment, all SL “D” Series Slit Lamps can capture and transfer images to the IMAGEnet 6 ophthalmic data system. IMAGEnet 6 is Topcon’s proprietary data management software capable of capture, store, display and enhance digital images obtained with Topcon devices.

Smart capture function
The DC-4 digital camera has a smart capture function. It is possible to rapidly obtain a series of five images of which the best picture can be selected. The smart capture function minimizes failed images or blurry
pictures, especially with children and in conditions of excessive blinking.

Auto exposure function
By adjusting the shutter speed and sensor gain, the brightness of the image will be automatically compensated. As a result the binocular observation and the final picture will have the same color balance.
The Topcon DC-4 also comes with the basic IMAGEnet® software and is compatible with the Topcon SL-D Series slit lamps.

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