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Guided Binocular Refraction


It is time to reinvent refraction. Optimise workflow and grow your practice with guided binocular refraction


Chronos offers binocular autorefraction, keratometry measurements and visual acuity with subjective testing. Chronos is a single space-saving instrument that optimises your workflow.

It is time to reinvent refraction.

Increase patient convenience, optimise workflow and grow your practice - without compromise.

• SightPilot™ is a guided refraction system that simplifies the exam and facilitates delegation.

• Chronos offers the versatility critical for growing your practice.

• Chronos combines binocular autorefraction and keratometry measurements with binocular subjective testing and visual acuity in a single instrument that occupies minimum space.
• Chronos reduces the number of conventional refraction lanes and additional refractometers needed.

I need to optimise workflow and increase patient convenience.


SightPilot™ is optimised for understanding and efficient workflow, facilitating delegation when required.
• SightPilot™ simplifies the user interface to provide a step-by-step guide through the refraction process.
• At each step, the operator is given instructions to proceed with the refraction, based on the patient’s response.

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